Feast your eyes on our five design finalists. Which will you vote for?

Check back on Tuesday 16th April when we will announce the winner.


Suseong Woo

A native of South Korea, Suseong Woo spent two years studying fine jewellery design before coming to London College of Fashion. Alongside shoe design she is also interested in fashion and fashion illustration, and is always on the lookout for new techniques.

Sebastian Chirvase 

Sebastian credits his parents with introducing him to the art world at a young age. Aged 12, he started taking ceramics and painting classes before attending fine arts high school. He now aims to bring his interest in fine art into his footwear designs.

Reuben Crabbe

Hailing from Kent, 20-year-old Reuben takes design inspiration from varied sources including his Ghanaian roots and also ‘90s streetwear. The fusion of these two elements is evident in his use of vibrant colours and textiles.

Jiyeon Lee

Jiyeon Lee moved to London from Seoul two years ago to pursue her footwear studies. She loves to travel and takes inspiration from the places she visits, allowing her to incorporate different elements into her designs.

Jacob Geaney

Introduced to the fashion world at a young age, Jacob’s parents own a clothes shop in the West Midlands. His interest in footwear specifically began with searching for rare sneakers, which led to him wanting to design his own.