Real life women on how they stay on their feet…

Afrodite Koutsouki, hairdresser, age 28

What’s your working day like? Happy, creative and busy! Working in a salon with four floors means I’m standing and climbing the stairs a lot!

How do you fuel yourself? I get up every morning ‪at 7am and drink fresh orange/green juice and then eat yogurt with honey and berries. I need it to be very healthy to give me lots of energy for my day.

How do you get to work? By train. It takes me about 40 minutes to get to and from my work. This time sitting down is a blessing for me!

What do you do after work? It depends on my schedule, but if I finish earlier I will go to yoga to relax and keep me calm for the next day or go home and cook dinner, which I’ll have with one glass of red wine!!

How does standing affect your body? Sometimes I don’t sleep well and my feet can get a bit swollen. It helps me to drink lots of water with lemon!

Do your colleagues have any tactics for being on their feet a lot? Yes – they go to the gym every morning and keep their food healthy with lots of greens, salads and juices. They also choose very good quality shoes!

What do you look for in work shoes? If they feel comfortable, it makes such a big difference. If I’m working at  fashion shows I sometimes stand for 10 hours!!

Is the ultimate dream finding comfortable shoes that also make you feel stylish? Yes – it’s so important for me because I work in the beauty and fashion industry.

What do you think of your FitFlop shoes? They were just amazing. I love them!  They are very comfortable and stylish – whether it’s for an evening, walk, event or dinner!!