Real life women on how they stay on their feet…

Phoebe Bournat-Masters, waitress and student, age 19

What’s your working day like? If I’m working in the evening, I start around 4pm. Sometimes the evening shift doesn’t finish until as late as 1:30am. Depending on how busy it is I can go this long without a break.

So you are on your feet a lot? Yes, in my job I can be standing on my feet for as long as nine hours at a time with a few five minute breaks in-between.

How do long shifts affect your feet? After a long and busy shift, most likely a Friday evening, my feet and legs can ache quite a lot, as well as my shoes rubbing and giving me blisters from walking around all the time. My whole body usually feels very tired and worn out, I cannot wait to get in my bed!

Any tactics for fighting fatigued feet on shift? Standing stretches to keep blood flowing is quite popular. As well as dancing around to keep your feet moving. Also, spend your days off resting your feet as much as you can. Oh and whilst on shift, try and avoid sitting down for too long as it will be a lot harder to get back on your feet!

What do you look for in work shoes?  Something durable and comfortable that I know will last my work hours and mean not having to worry about aching feet. As well as this I need a closed toe shoe so that I do not drop any heavy equipment, such a beer keg, onto my bare toes.

Do you want style as well as comfort?  Yes, as I study fashion at university, I am always on the lookout for something that will make me feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. As there is not a specific shoe that I have to wear for work, I like the idea that I could pick something that would keep me comfortable and be something I like the look of! I mostly wear trainers and have found there are so many that are considered fashionable, but really aren’t very comfortable, durable or work appropriate. I now search for timeless pairs that I know will be comfortable and last.

What do you love about FitFlop shoes? I love the way they feel on my feet!