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What does yellow mean, and how can it boost your mood?

Diving into the psychology of colour theory, and how wearing yellow can add a spring in your step!

A sure sign of electrifying positivity and sunshine on the horizon, a warm, buzzy yellow has never been more appropriate than for Spring 2021. Pantone chose it as one of their colours of the year, and we’ve injected it into our classic Allegro pump for some radiant ooh-la-la that we’re all in need of right now.

But just what *is* it about a zippy yellow that gives us such a zest for life? Time for a little colour theory…

What does yellow mean and why does it make us happy?

In scientific terms, yellow’s wavelength is particularly long, meaning it’s one of the easiest colours for our brains to recognise (in fact, it’s the first colour babies will respond to!). It’s for this reason, we naturally associate it with abundant, sassy loveliness of things that bring us instant glee – smiley faces, the first Spring daffodils, a bowl of juicy lemons ripe and ready for squeezing into an icy G&T – these all trigger yellow’s uniquely joyous ‘halo effect’.

How does yellow affect our mood?

Because of this, yellow is pretty much universally accepted as the happiest and most optimistic colour of the rainbow. But – it gets better. Yellow’s now been scientifically proven not just to have an uplifting effect on your mind, but did you know… it also boosts your brain power, energy levels and metabolism? So it’s the perfect accent shade to add to your WFH desk when you need some extra zing, or to give your favourite workout kit some oomph to keep you unstoppable!

How does wearing yellow shoes affect our confidence?

In psychology, warm and sunny shades of yellow, like the one used on our Remi toe post, are associated by our brains with a sense of boldness, tenacity and perseverance. For this reason, golden shades of yellow are often used in heraldic symbols – they show loyalty, honour and bravery. At a time when the world seems to be floating off course and we’re all a little unsure of our footing, wearing this kick-ass colour is scientifically proven to grab you by the shoulders and tell you that you’re queen bee – yep, every time you glance down at your tangfastic toes, you’re reminded by your own brain that you’re always the jewel in the crown. Incredible!

Sounds amazing! I’m intrigued… tell me more about colour theory!

If you fancy delving another step further into the extraordinary world of colour theory, yellow could just open up a whole new world…

Colour is one of the true universal languages, as the way we feel about different shades tends to run true across cultures and continents. In fact, here’s a great dinner party fact for you – a recent study in the Psychological Science journal attempted to prove that our relationship to colour was more ‘nature’ than ‘nurture’, and involved 4,500 participants from 30 countries who spoke 22 languages. The findings? ‘Most respondents had similar emotional associations for all rainbow colors’. So if you still didn’t get round to that lifelong plan of learning Spanish during the lockdown, then… no hay problema! Pop on your yellow Allegros and outshine them all – you’re the sunniest senorita in town.