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Blog / The Iconic WalkStar

The slightly-crazy-looking sandal that started us, is coming back!

If you’ve been wearing FitFlop sandals for years, you might remember when we launched, in 2007, with just ONE iconic Walkstar sandal? You probably saw them everywhere. You may have owned a pair in red, bronze, black or baby blue. You might have read about them in The Times, or seen them on Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, or on Oprah’s list of favourite things, or spotted Nigella Lawson in a pair (she had several).

If you were in England, you probably bought a pair from Sweaty Betty or King’s Road Sporting Club, even Boots sold that original sandal (and lots of them at that).

If you lived in America, you could find them at Bath & Body Works and at Bliss and, very early on, at Nordstrom. And for a couple of years, they took over almost all of Thailand.

Maybe you wore yours everywhere for months. The husband of a high-heel obsessed friend of Marcia’s asked his wife if she had given up on the other hundreds of pairs of shoes in her closet, because they were the only thing she wore for 6 months straight.  Women all over wondered how they could have ever lived without them. If you walked into ANY airport (wouldn’t you just love to walk into an airport again) you’d see them on every 20th pair of feet. They were addictive. Ergonomic superiority in a sandal. Like yoga for your feet, that then made your entire body feel fabulous. (Don’t get us started about the people who wore them and walked their friends into submission at Disneyland.)

For some reason (stupidity, possibly?) we stopped making our beloved Walkstar. We don’t know why. Maybe like with a hairdresser, we just thought we needed to change. But that sandal was magic. And requests to reissue it kept pouring in.

And so a year ago, when our product director Caroline pulled an original pair out of the sample cupboard, put them on, the obsession began again. Because NOTHING feels as good on your feet as a pair of Walkstars. You might only wear them for 30 minutes a day, or you might have them on all summer, but as we see it for optimally healthy feet (that give your body optimally healthy joint alignment) nothing beats them. And everyone needs at least one pair. It’s like hitting the reset button on your aching feet.

The first shipment will be arriving in June. If you love them as much as you used to, more, in lots of fun colours, will follow.

Designed by Dr Dave Cook and Dr Darren James, of London South Bank University (LSBU), with a patented triple-density midsole that maximizes foot comfort and body alignment when you walk in them. They’re approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association and recommended by chiropractors and podiatrists!