For years I have lugged a spare set of shoes around with me. One pair for walking (comfortable, practical, not remotely stylish) and one pair suitable for my destination (office/restaurant/party). The latter were impractical for more than a hundred steps, but looked the business.

Like practically every other woman in the universe, I just accepted this was the way it was. I had to have a bag that was roomy enough to accommodate the extra pair. I had to remember thein the morning (added to the list of essentials like... water bottle, Keepcup, sanity). Then I had to lug the extra kgs around. All day. This wasn’t the only inconvenience. There was also the tricky situation of where to swap said shoes. On the Tube platform? Outside the party? In the lobby of your office? It feels strange to do this is public. Verging on inelegant. Made me look and feel vulnerable. Not good anyhow.  

 It was when I discovered FitFlop shoes that I realised things didn’t have to be this way. I could have shoes that looked good enough for that meeting, party or dinner but that were comfortable enough to walk in. IMAGINE.

FitFlop shoes are biomechanically engineered to ensure they feel as comfortable at the end of the day as they do at the beginning. Your feet are brilliantly cushioned and supported. Joy. So now my bag is lighter. I no longer have to stop and swap. And I get the minddecluttering, wellnessboosting effects of a walk. Win. Win. Win.