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The Microwobbleboard™ midsole in our very first – and recently reissued – sandal, the Walkstar, (and many of our styles since) is engineered to optimize joint alignment. But what does that mean and why does it matter? We asked our in-house biomechanist Dr Kim Lilley to enlighten us…

Why all the excitement on alignment?

How We Built The World’s Most Comfortable Rain Boots

You don’t need an expert’s guide to finding the rain boots for dog walking, or country hikes in the rain, or muddy gardening, because we’ve spent three years engineering them.

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Looking For The Original FitFlop WalkStar Sandal?

The slightly-crazy-looking sandal that started us, is coming back!

The History

Celebrating women who inspire us on International Women’s Day

Five of the fiercest, most fabulous females to inspire you to make a change this IWD!

Make a change this IWD

Surviving in lockdown

Tired of Lockdown, tired of life… Try these tip-top-tips to spark some joy and bring that buzz back to being stuck indoors. As we’re now a year deep into our world being different, we’re looking outside of the box for ways to keep our spirits high and our endorphins flowing.

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