How 2000 steps a day could make a big impact on your life

For many of us it’s simply a habit to jump in the car, hop on the train, or ride the bus to our destination without a second thought. But it’s time to make the most of our commute. Give ourselves more mindful time and less hustle and bustle. A little more fresh air and a little less huffing at travel delays. Find out how our footwear can help you make a lifestyle change.

Our mission is to help you live a more active and fulfilled life. We rigorously test our footwear technology to ensure it’s ready to go the distance with you, empowering you to get the most from your daily routine.

Start off on the right foot

Commuting can be a pain. We often end up squashed or stressed-out by the hustle and bustle. Breaking up that daily routine by walking even part of the way might be the start of a happier you. Not only will it help add to your daily step count, but it’s free, purposeful, and provides much needed ‘me’ time. Think of it as your chance to blow away the cobwebs before the day begins, or lift the weight off your shoulders in the evening.

Going the extra mile sounds much less scary when you break it down. It’s roughly 20 minutes walking, or 2000 steps. It’s a walk to work, a walk at lunch, or whenever you can fit it in, all supported from the ground up by your biomechanically engineered FitFlop footwear. Whatever your weekday style, we have the shoes to keep up with you.

Whether you’re going from meeting to meeting, taking the kids to school, or embracing time spent outdoors, your day demands a shoe that can go the duration. We’ve concealed our all-day comfort technology inside stylish silhouettes so you can not only look good, but also feel good from leaving home to lights out with zero fuss.

Find your perfect weekday style and join us in going the extra mile this month. It might just be the thing to put a spring in your step.