The fight against being forced to wear high heels in the workplace has gone global. Airline policies mandating that female cabin crew must wear heels are coming under fire. A petition in Japan that aims to make it illegal to force women to wear heels in the workplace made headlines worldwide and gained thousands of signatures in no time. Ideas of workappropriate footwear are changing, and we at FitFlop feel it can’t come soon enough. 

Business casual sneakers; where professional meets practical

We design shoes for the woman who wants to get the most out of her day. By teaming a stylish pair of sneakers with your work outfits you know you’ll be able to enjoy a walk at lunchtime (schedule permitting!), stride with confidence through your commute – even take up walking or cycling to work if that’s something you’ve been thinking about – and feel ready to head out in the evening, all without the hassle of carrying a change of shoes! 

 Of course there will still be days when sneakers won’t be appropriate, and much does depend on the industry you’re in, but with a few styling tips we think wearing sneakers to work should be as natural as wearing flip-flops to the beach. 

How to approach wearing sneakers to work

We’ve chosen a few favourites for different types of workplaces, although of course you know best what works for your day.  

Stylish work sneakers for the creative workspace

If you have the dress-code freedom to experiment with your looks, think about adding a splash of colour and textureSneakers don’t have to just be about practicality, ours look pretty great too. 

Wearing sneakers to work in an office 

Think darker colours and simple, streamlined designs. You’re aiming for work-appropriate sneakers that don’t look like you’ve just stepped off a football pitch, and we have plenty of options. 

Work sneakers to wear if you’re on your feet all day 

Constantly on the move, find yourself without a minute to sit down all day, does this sound like your day at work? If so, we have the sneakers for you. All of our shoes feature biomechanically engineered midsoles that aim to support you from the ground up, but here are a few of our favourites. They’re easy to style in multiple ways making them a great addition to a workwear wardrobe. 

Work appropriate sneakers: how to style 

It’s all about balance when choosing work outfits with sneakers. The shoes are casual so think about getting more dressed-up with the rest of your look. 

Consider skirts and dresses

From a pencil skirt to a flowing maxi, almost every shape looks right at home with a pair of sneakers. We love the idea of a crisp collared shirt with a printed midi and some chunky sneakers. 

The best trouser shapes

The only style to avoid when wearing sneakers to work is a slouchy, athleisure style of trousers. You don’t want to look like you’re about to sneak off to a yoga class. Fitted, tuxedo styles look chic, as do seriously wide-leg flowing trousers. 

All-day comfort is more important than ever when you need to maximise your energy for a busy day at work. Get the ideal mix of style and practicality when you find your perfect pair of sneakers. Take a look at our selection to get started.