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Choosing the Most Comfortable Rain Boots for Walking Is Now A Shoe-In

If you’re a three-times-a-day dog-walker, a lover of long afternoon strolls, or you’ve got kids who love their messy, muddy, puddle-splashing outdoor time with Mom having a great pair of waterproof boots in your closet and even better – one that feels like a pair of sneakers – is a must.

That’s why the right ones are worth the investment. But what should you look for when shopping for a great pair of Wellington boots for walking? We’ve made it easy for you, by creating the WonderWelly.

Why FitFlop Technology Makes These The Best Rain Boots.

You might be surprised to find out that Wellington boots were at first made of leather, but in 1852 Hiram Hutchinson met Charles Goodyear (of Goodyear Tires) who had just invented the vulcanization process for natural rubber. Hutchinson bought the patent to manufacture footwear, and the introduction of the fully waterproof, rubber boot became an instant success.

If you look closely at our WonderWelly, you’ll notice a particularly well-engineered heel, and inside it is the most fabulous, ergonomic, trainer-tech cushioning ever built into a rubber boot. Because our in-house biomechanics team is obsessed with delivering unbeatable comfort.

We wanted our boots to not only be waterproof, and stretchy when you pull them on, and flexible around your feet, but also super comfy on those long dog walks, country roams, or days out shopping in the city.
And as usual, Dr Kim Lilley – our genius in-house biomechanist – got involved, and had volunteers in the lab, legs attached to electrodes, measuring ground force reaction and gait, adjusting the design until they were great. We added a state-of-the-art honeycomb design into the heel for unrivalled impact absorption, biomechanically-engineered contoured insoles, micro-springboards in the forefoot, and slip resistant soles to make these the best waterproof walking boots, guaranteed.

They were tested, as all new FitFlop technology is tested, at the Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary, and passed the comfort scale tests with flying colors!

After all, you should be able to wear your boots for hours, in the summer rain, or with a pair of woolly socks in the winter, and your feet should still feel amazing. In fact, thousands of delighted owners report that our Wellington boots eat other Wellington boots for breakfast.

Practical. Durable. Stylish. Comfortable. And The Material Matters.

The WonderWelly is made with a natural mix of rubber for the ultimate in durability, with a slight amount of stretch in the upper, to hug and flex with your feet.

With both mid-calf and knee-length options, you can decide which height will work best for you. If you’re wearing your rain boots for gardening, shorter styles offer more flexibility for bending and kneeling. If you’re planning on wading through puddles or floods, longer boots offer more protection (obviously). There’s a palette of colors for you to choose from, so whether you opt for green, navy blue or classic black rubber boots, or go for a bright pop of red or pink to make a statement, you’ll love them just the same!

How should rubber boots fit?

Choose a size that fits snugly, but also allows you to comfortably layer up with a pair of wool socks for cozy feet on colder days. Our tall rubber boots have an adjustable buckle strap to ensure your boots aren’t too tight around your calves.

With impact-absorbing heels, weight-distributing contoured soles and the world’s leading comfort technology, our WonderWelly is the best rubber boot in the world. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair.