Grazia’s wellbeing columnist, Susannah Taylor, on the equipment (and mindset) that’ll supercharge your walk.

Our Go The Extra Mile campaign is all about encouraging you to pull your FitFlop footwear on and reap the wellbeing benefits that come from doing 2000 more steps a day.

Here’s Susannah Taylor’s tactics for walking happiness.

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1: Layer up

It’s important to be the right body temperature on a walk – too cold can be miserable and too hot very uncomfortable. My advice is to wear thin layers  – I always put a t-shirt on under another jumper or long sleeved layer for example. Remember you can put tops around your waist if you start overheating. I think jeans are the perfect leg attire – they are warm enough for winter and cool enough for the summer months if you pair with a t-shirt. Living in the countryside, I wouldn’t wear a skirt or shorts for fear of getting tangled in brambles or stung by nettles.

2: Not any old jacket will do

The jacket you wear is important. A big puffa style coat could well make you overheat unless it’s extremely chilly out, and you never want to make the mistake of getting caught in a storm without a waterproof coat. There’s a reason why Barbour jackets are so popular – they keep out wind and rain without being sweaty. Look out for jackets that are waterproof, breathable and insulated to cover off four seasons in one day.

3: Work out whilst you walk

A wonderful Pilates teacher I know – Chloe Hodgson – told me post-pregnancy to pull my stomach muscles back towards my spine whilst I walk and engage my pelvic floor muscles at the same time. I now do this every time I walk – we must remember we need to exercise the muscles we can’t see as much as the muscles we can in order to stay strong.

4: Mindful movement

A life coach once told me that a great way to de-stress is to be mindful of all things whilst you walk. Most of us are guilty on a walk of spending the entire time locked in our heads, arriving back home remembering nothing because we were churning a million thoughts over the whole time. Firstly, it’s important to take in your surroundings – the sky, the leaves, the blossom, the birds, the smells and the sounds. Secondly, you can tune into your body – how it feels when you walk. Do your feet make a sound through the leaves or on the grass? Do your feet hurt? Are you cold? Is the wind on your face refreshing or biting? This is all a way of making us present and not focusing on worries, woes or to-do lists.


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