The wellness boosting effects of exploring new cities
(and rediscovering your own)

Make this the weekend you see your city from a new perspective.

Mark Twain wrote: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.” We all know travel forces us to expand our minds, helps us reflect on our goals and boosts our creativity. This doesn’t have to be travel to distant lands either. We’re talking about experiencing something new and different close to home.

So, let’s do it! First you’ll need the right equipment.

The right shoes mean you can take it all in your stride.

Why?  Because walking is key. We miss so much sitting in the driver’s seat.  By walking we get time to soak up the atmosphere, to inhale the smells, to look up and look down. We can hear conversations and catch the wildlife. It makes us mindful.  Keeps us in the present.

Walking is also free. It’s empowering. It’s self-esteem-boosting. It’s fitness-improving and doesn’t require you to have the correct change/a driver’s license/the ability to read a bus map.

At FitFlop, we’re all about empowering you to walk, so you can cover as many miles as you want to.  Walk along sea fronts, down ancient streets and around modern museums.  That’s why our shoes are biomechanically engineered to deliver the ultimate in comfort. Hunger, money or time might stop you seeing everything, but your footwear won’t.

Just because you’re in the off-duty, explorer, weekend-wear zone, doesn’t mean you’re happy to look less than stylish.  We know you don’t want to compromise on that. You need shoes that will take you from shopping to dinner, from beach to bar, from market to club. And that’s where our shoes come in. All day comfort.  Day to night chic.

No time or cash for a city break? Stay put, but break free from your usual routine. Act like a tourist in your own town. Go to the famous attractions. Explore a neighborhood you don’t usually visit. Or just walk, rather than drive, to your usual haunts. You’ll encounter people you usually miss, houses you hadn’t noticed, and the hidden coffee shop with the best brew.

All you need is an open mind and chic, comfortable shoes.

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