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Your Rally, your way. 

We love your style because we know it’s unique to you! No matter how you wear your favourite FitFlop shoes, you’re the only one doing it your way. So, to celebrate the individuality and personal style that makes this world so exciting, we’re inviting you to personalise your Rally sneakers and take it one step further. After all, what could be more exciting than owning a pair of shoes really no one else has. To show you how it’s done, we asked four up-and-coming artists we’re always inspired by to turn their sneakers into real works of art. Keep scrolling to learn more…


“I’ve always loved putting my personal touch on the things I wear and use,” says illustrator and designer Jasmin Kaur Sehra. Her Rally sneakers are covered in fun and empowering, graffiti-style slogan patches that represent her personality and were all handmade. For her, this pair represents stepping into the new year with an empowered outlook, truly owning your personal style. Bold colours and little illustrations here and there – like a sparkling heart or peace symbols – complete her unique design. Now it’s your turn to let your shoes do the talking…


London-based artist Adam Claridge specialises in creating 1 of 1 bespoke sneakers, so this project was instantly right up his street. The reason he chose sneakers as a canvas is because “they’re something you wear on a daily basis, so why not have a pair that’s completely unique to you and shows people exactly who you are,” he says. Using a fine small ink pen, he added incredibly detailed tattoo-like sketches to his pair of Rallys which include a cherub shooting a heart, a smiley face and a rose. “For me they’re just all about being you and having fun! ✨,” Adam told us about his final design.

Kay Davis

Visual artist and designer Kay Davies’ personalised Rally’s make a real statement. From bold, clashing colors to gold hardware details and fun charms with a nostalgic feel, this pair is set to turn heads. When it comes to customising her personal style, Kay says “it was based on the idea of being resourceful whilst having the need to create. More than often, it was me having nothing to wear and deciding to revamp or personalise clothing and accessories in efforts to feel good.” Her inspiration stems from Black culture, childhood and the concept of adornment, with her love of accessories being influenced by the hairstyles she used to wear as a kid and the colourful clothes and gold jewellery her mum would dress her in. Which memories would you want to incorporate into your shoes?

Michelle Norris

“My design is about creating bold and colorful shapes that feel like paper cut-outs!” says Michelle Norris​. This US-based artist works in paper, painting and illustration and prides herself on putting together exciting colour combinations. Inspired by modern art and creating harmony through balancing color with negative, Michelle found her Rally sneakers to be the perfect canvas for her imagination. She first illustrated the shapes for her design digitally, taking inspiration from Matisse. Then carefully painted them onto her Rallys, layering the paint to give an opaque, vivid quality and leaving space around the shapes so they could ‘breathe’. Her verdict on the final result? “Eclectic but minimal enough to wear with even my wilder outfits. My style is loud and bright, and I think that these shoes can easily pair with any of my ensembles.”


Which of the designs is your favourite? Get a closer look at the pairs on Instagram and use the hashtag #fitflopthistimeitspersonal to show us how you’re personalising your Rally sneakers.

Still need your pair to get started? Find your perfect canvas here.