Fashion authority Jane Cattani gives us the inside track on her Parisian neighbourhood

Jane is an ex-model, lecturer and stylist who has worked for the likes of Dior and Harper’s Bazaar. She now designs for her range co-founded with friend Emanuela Calvi, E + J Cashmere.

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Take a walk in the city of lights with Jane

The Neighbourhood

Walking in the 14th arrondissement in Paris is always full of surprises. It was the heart of intellectual and artistic Parisian life in the 1930s and is still the home of many beautiful artist studios and houses.

I set off from home and climb the steep steps to Rue des Artistes, where I walk the cobbled streets and admire houses and studios along the way. This leads to the Parc Montsouris. It’s a beautiful, very green, floral space where you’re allowed to sit on the grass – not always the case in Paris!

Shop & Indulge

After a brisk power walk around the park I head back towards the market at Rue Daguerre via Avenue René Coty, passing the artist supply shop Sennelier. I can never resist stopping to take a look, wishing that I knew how to paint.

Rue Daguerre is a typical French market, cheese, wine, fish, fruit, vegetable and bread shops line the street. All this is made even more French by the multiple cafés with people spilling out onto the street. The cheese shop is irresistible. Their choice of cheese is endless.

Further up Rue Daguerre I enjoy taking a look in Mint & Lilies, the best concept store to find a gift or something you can’t live without for your home, or that sweater you were looking for…

Leaving Rue Daguerre I walk towards Boulevard Raspail along Rue Schoelcher where the Giacometti Institute has just been restored and opened to the public. It’s the most beautiful 1930s building with mosaic on the outside. The exhibition throws you into Alberto Giacometti’s world and the moment when Paris was the centre of the artist scene.

After all this exercise I always feel a little hungry so I go back towards the Rue d’Alesia and make a stop at my favourite local bistro, Le Verre Siffleur, where I’m always sure to find a warm atmosphere and delicious food.


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